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Great Summer Read!


Power Couple Series: Scott & Kelli Austin


This has to be my favorite interview of the entire “Power Couple Series”! Two of my good friends, Scott and Kelli Austin shared their story with Docfreshlove: Let’s Talk and I have to share some background before we begin. Scott and I have been friends for over 5 years and he was a different person when we met. Back then, Scott and I developed a daily ritual of having pointed discussions on family life, work life, goal setting, and creative expression. When I compare and contrast who my friend Scott was back then to the man he is today, there’s an extreme difference and I know that it’s largely due to Kelli and her beautiful soul. I also had the honor of being the best man in their wedding last summer. It was my first time being anyone’s best man and I was proud to be standing beside Scott such a special day. With that being said, I won’t make you wait any longer…let’s dive into the interview.

Docfreshlove: How did you first meet?

Scott & Kelli: Believe it or not we met online.

Docfreshlove: How long have you been together?

Scott & Kelli: Since January 2, 2014

Docfreshlove: Do you have any children or plan to have any?

Kelli: We both have children from previous marriages that the other has accepted as their own. We don’t plan to have anymore.

Docfreshlove: What do you both do for work?

Scott: I am a Business Analyst, for a Telecommunications company.

Kelli: I’m a Payment Specialist for a Retirement Benefits company.

Docfreshlove: Kelly, what was your first impression of your husband?

Kelli: LOL, that he was a nerd.

Docfreshlove: That’s funny. Scott, what was your first impression of your wife?

Scott: That she was suspicious and doubtful about me and relationships in general.

Docfreshlove: Kelli, if you had to describe Scott in one word, what would it be and why?

Kelli: Strong. He is many things, but he is a strong willed, strong minded. He has a strong work ethic. He is strong for me and for VJ and his family. He takes care of us and is always there when we need him.  He tries to get time in with both VJ and I when he gets home from work even if he has had a long day.  He is my rock!  There is so much more to describe him………but you said one word.

Docfreshlove: LOL…it’s okay to flatter a man sometimes, Scott can you describe your wife in one word? Why this word?

Scott: Determined. When she sets her mind and heart to something she will find a way to make it happen.

Docfreshlove: Do you and your spouse have pet names? If so, what are they?

Scott: I call her Cupcake or Babe.

Kelli: I call him Honey or Babe

Docfreshlove: What is the key to happiness in your relationship?

Kelli: Knowing and learning everything about each other, not flipping out about the “small things” and picking your battles. He knows me very well and I usually can’t hide anything from him.  I think the key to our relationship is always being open and honest, even if he may not want to hear what I have to say, I would never say anything to demean him.

Scott: Laughter and being accepting of each other’s short falls/faults. We accept each other as we are without changing a thing. That doesn’t mean we don’t try to help the other one get better, it just means that we didn’t come into this with the idea of “I’m going to change him/her”.

Docfreshlove: Scott, what’s one thing that pushes Kelli’s buttons?

Scott: When I don’t put things away.

Docfreshlove: Don’t feel bad because I get that one too man.

Docfreshlove: Kelli, what pushes his buttons?

Kelli: When I tickle him.

Docfreshlove: Nice…So, who is the first person to apologize after you have a disagreement?

Scott: I am

Kelli: If I am wrong I will apologize.

Docfreshlove: Tell me about a funny experience that you still laugh about?

Scott: Kelli’s first attempt at snorkeling when we were on our honeymoon.  A lot of rocks and 2 ft. long flippers and waves crashing up against you doesn’t make it easy to get into the water.

Docfreshlove: Who does all the cooking in your house?

Scott: Kelli typically does most of the cooking.

Docfreshlove: Who do you think would be your spouse’s celebrity crush?

Scott: Hers is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,

Kelli: I don’t think he really has one, personality wise I would say someone like Cameron Diaz that is funny and adventurous.

Docfreshlove: Where was your last vacation?

Scott & Kelli: 7 night cruise in the Caribbean.

Docfreshlove: Describe your idea of a romantic getaway?

Both laughing: 7 night cruise in the Caribbean. Anywhere beach related.

Docfreshlove: Do either of you have any professional goals that you would like to achieve? If so what are they?

Scott: I am in the process of starting a nature photography business. My goal in that is to photograph the extraordinary as part of my ordinary day and to show people that beauty, awe and wonder is not just a part of some exotic location but is all around you if take time to look.

Kelli: Wedding and/or party planner, I like being behind the scenes, I wouldn’t to be out there and be the announcer or anything.  I have many ideas…just need the money to make it happen.

Docfreshlove: What do you both like most about being married?

Kelli: The fact that I always have someone to come home to, a partner in crime.  LOL…Even though he is always the one that stays on the straight and narrow, I love being with Scott. He makes me do things I would never do myself. He sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone.  As long as he is by my side, I will try it, well…not jumping out of an airplane…NEVER!!!

Scott: Knowing that there is one person that always will be there to support, listen and help me. Kelli is the most supportive, understanding and loyal person I have ever met.

Docfreshlove: That’s great stuff…What advice would you give a newly married couple?

Kelli:  First …never go into a marriage thinking you are going to change someone.  If they want to change, they will change for you because they want to.  Communication is also key, talk to each other on a daily basis, discuss issues that may be going on in your family, job, etc…Always make time for each other, have a specific date night, leave little love notes.  Also, women can still serve and take care of their men.  It doesn’t make you any less of a woman.  I think these days a lot of women are moving away from that.   I take care of Scott and he takes care of me.  It’s a partnership…not a dictatorship.

Scott: Listen to one another. Don’t listen to respond but instead listen to understand. Never stop dating each other. To men in particular I would say if you truly want to know if your wife is happy, look at her eyes when you tell her you love her, when she laughs look to see if her eyes are “laughing”.  In short pay attention to her.

Docfreshlove: Wow, this was truly a lot of fun. You both gave some great details in your advice for other couples and that’s what this is all about…hearing from everyday people about what works for their relationship and not some experts trying to tell you what studies have shown. Thanks again Scott and Kelli for this amazing conversation and I wish you both the best in life and love my friends! God bless the Austins!


Power Couple Series: Angel and Fiorella Valladares


Happy Halloween Docfreshlove: Let’s Talk readers! Today, I have a real treat that I know you’ll enjoy! I recently sat down with one of my favorite couples, Mr. & Mrs. Valladares. I love being around couples that have a genuine affection and mutual respect for one another. Angel & Fio are definitely one of those couples and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them for several years. Here’s some quick background on my relationship with Angel & Fiorella; Angel and my wife Shapera worked for the same company years ago while Fio and I work for the same company today. Over the years, we’ve all kept in touch and my wife and I are happy to call them friends. This was definitely a fun interview to conduct and I know you’ll love hearing about their relationship. So, Let’s Talk…   

Docfreshlove: Angel & Fio, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. Let’s get started. How did you first meet?

Angel & Fio: We met at a ski trip in February 2012.

Docfreshlove: How long have been together?

Angel & Fio: 3 1/2 years

Docfreshlove: Do you have any children or plan to have any?

Angel & Fio: We are currently expecting one unplanned but welcomed blessing.

Docfreshlove: Excellent, congratulations to you both!

Angel & Fio: Thanks!

Docfreshlove: What do you both do for a profession?

Fio: I work at ACN as a telecommunications provisioner.

Angel: I work at Allstate as a License Manager.

Docfreshlove: Fio, what was your first impression of your Angel?

Fio: He is cute, but he is taken.

Docfreshlove: Angel, what was your first impression of your Fio?

Angel: She is beautiful, but she is taken.

Docfreshlove: Fio, describe your husband in one word? why this word?

Fio: Patience. He can deal with my crazy mood swings on a daily basis, still smile and love me everyday.

Docfreshlove: Angel, describe your wife in one word? Why this word?

Angel: Beautiful, she is a beautiful inside and outside, beautiful soul.

Docfreshlove: Do you guys have pet names? If so, what are they?

Fio: Yes, I call him “gordo, chanchis, bebe, amor, gordito, amorcito, & mi amor.

Angel: I call her “gorda, babe, baby, my love, & reyna”

Docfreshlove: What is the key to happiness in your relationship?

Angel & Fio: Communication and understanding for one another.

Docfreshlove: Give an example of one thing that pushes your spouse’s buttons?

Fio: It’s not having the sink clean without dishes and bed made.

Angel: Spending money excessively.

Docfreshlove: Who is the first person to apologize after you have a disagreement?

Fio: I am. Angel is too stubborn.

Docfreshlove: You guys seem to be a pretty fun-loving couple. Tell me about a funny experience that you both still laugh about?

Angel & Fio: We laugh and make fun of each other on a daily basis.

Docfreshlove: Who does all the cooking in your house?

Angel: Fio does.

Docfreshlove: Fio, who do you think would be Angel’s celebrity crush?

Fio: Definitely Gabrielle Union.

Angel: She likes Josh Duhammel.

Docfreshlove: Where was your last vacation?

Angel & Fio: Washington D.C.

Docfreshlove: Describe your idea of a romantic getaway?

Angel & Fio: Doing something random, something at the spur of the moment. Life going to Asheville for dinner.

Docfreshlove: Sounds fun.

Docfreshlove: Do you or your either of you have any professional goals that you would like to achieve? If so what are they?

Angel: To work on a movie and produce

Docfreshlove: I am working on a documentary and also writing a movie script. Maybe we can work together.

Docfreshlove: What do you both like most about being married?

Angel: Having someone who communicates with me the entire day, even when I’m at work and busy.

Fio: Having someone to talk to and express my random feelings to at anytime of the day.

Docfreshlove: LOL. My wife definitely exercises that right. What advice would you give a newly married couple?

Angel & Fio: Solidify your foundation and communicate about it and have faith and trust in the Lord. Agree to go to a church together.

Docfreshlove: Angel & Fio, I want to thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. It was an absolute pleasure and congratulations on your new bundle of joy! God bless!

It takes a great deal of courage to share details about your relationship with the entire world. I think it’s the conversations like these that serve as inspiration to us all. The Power Couple Series is designed to bring couples closer together by engaging in healthy dialogue about the culture of your relationship. It’s always good to give your spouse compliments but it’s so much better to say and hear nice things about the person you are in a relationship with. Love is a gift from God and true love deserves to sit on a pedestal for all to marvel at! Stay tuned for the next installment of Power Couples and thanks for stopping by!


Power Couple Series: Tramain & Luvena

Tramain & Vena

In this edition of the Power Couples Series, I sat down with my good friends Tramain McClinton & Luvena Newton. These are two of the most loving and supportive people in my circle and I’m honored to call them my friends. When people come into your life and make an immediate positive impact, you know that they’re down for the cause and in it for the long haul! I couldn’t wait to interview this couple because they are truly in love and they support each other like Jay & Bey. “Let’s Talk” readers, I introduce to you, Tramain & Luvena…Enjoy!

Docfreshlove: I have been looking forward to interviewing the two of you, So how did you first meet?

Tramain: We first met when Luvena was 13 and I was 15 in a neighborhood we both grew up in. We were hanging out with mutual friends and that is when we had our first encounter.

Docfreshlove: Nice. So how long have you been together?

Tramain & Luvena: Well our first time dating we were together for about 3 1/2 years. This time around we have now been together for 10 years.

Docfreshlove: Do you have any children or plan to have any?

Tramain & Luvena: We have one son together.

Docfreshlove: I know that you both have entrepreneurial aspirations but what do you both do for a profession?

Tramain: I am a graphic designer and have two businesses that we both run together. One of our businesses is a graphic design/manufacturing company, which is Vision Linkz. Our other business is a clothing line called FUC Fashion, which stands for Finally Unleashed Creativity. We just released the online store @ www.FUCFASHION.com. Besides helping me run both businesses Luvena also works for Carolinas HealthCare System.

Docfreshlove: Vena, what was your first impression of your Tramain?

Luvena: Well being that I met him when I was younger, I would have to say my first impression of him was that he was mysterious! I say that because he had a demeanor that most boys his age did not have.

Docfreshlove: I like that answer Vena, “mysterious”.

Docfreshlove: What was your first impression of your Vena?

Tramain: I thought she was cute and I liked her hair LOL. But really, there was an aura about her that intrigued me.

Docfreshlove: Vena, describe Tramain in one word? Why this word?

Luvena: Loyal. He is the most loyal person that I have ever encountered. He has stood by my side as my man, confidant, best friend, and has never passed judgment on me. He is also this way with his friends and family…even those who don’t deserve it. He will support a stranger if they had a goal. He is just an overall outstanding person to have in your corner, and I thank God for him everyday.

Docfreshlove: Tramain, your turn to describe Vena in one word? Why this word?

Tramain: Powerful. She has a strong demeanor with her. She has a powerful impact on those she meets. She is very supportive and passionate toward helping others; She is determined to give her family a better life and does whatever is necessary to make that happen.

Docfreshlove: Those were nice and true statements about each other. Do you guys have any crazy pet names? If so, what are they?

Luvena: I call him Daddy and he calls me Babe.

Docfreshlove: What is the key to happiness in your relationship?

Tramain & Luvena: Put God first, never let others infiltrate on your happiness or in your household, trust, loyalty, and having one another’s best interest at heart.

Docfreshlove: Luvena, give an example of one thing that pushes your his buttons?

Luvena: For me, I would have to say questioning him. He does not like to be questioned about anything. Whether is be did he wash the dishes or what’s wrong with the baby lol.

Tramain: I push her buttons by not admitting that I push her buttons…LOL

Docfreshlove: Who is the first person to apologize after you have a disagreement?

Luvena: I am. He never apologizes.

Docfreshlove: I know you both have a great sense of humor, tell me about a funny experience that you both and your mate still laugh about? Lets just say we had a Charlie horse experience…LOL

Docfreshlove: I would ask you to elaborate on the Charlie horse experience, but I’m going to keep this rolling…LOL

Docfreshlove: Who does all the cooking in your house?

Luvena: I do. He is not a friend of the kitchen at all.

Docfreshlove: Vena, who do you think would be Tramain’s celebrity crush?

Luvena: Gabrielle Union

Tramain: She crushes on Mekhi Phifer.

Docfreshlove: Where was your last vacation?

Tramain & Luvena: Puerto Rico.

Docfreshlove: Describe your idea of a romantic getaway?

Tramain & Luvena: Our idea of a romantic getaway would be staying in a cabin in the mountains. There is something about the mountains that is just breath taking.

Docfreshlove: Do you guys have any other professional goals that you would like to achieve? If so what are they?

Luvena: My professional goal is to have a non-profit organization that is geared toward providing our youth with the tools and resources they need to have a successful life.

Tramain: My professional goal is to be successful with my businesses in like of opening employment doors for those who have difficulties gaining employment.

Docfreshlove: What do you both like most about being in a serious committed relationship?

Luvena: Knowing that I have this one person that is there for me whole-heartedly and knowing that I can trust this person with my life.

Tramain: I feel the same way.

Docfreshlove: What advice would you give a younger version of yourselves entering a new relationship?

Tramain & Luvena: A relationship is about growth. If you cannot build with this person or can picture your life without that person then move on. Also do not pass judgment on a person and be able to admit to your wrong.

Docfreshlove: Guys I really enjoyed this interview and I know that the readers will love it. I love the fact that you met when you were kids, dated for a while, then came back together. I’m a firm believer that if something is meant to be, it will be. I want to thank you both for being great friends and I know that we have a ton of memories and good times to come! I can’t wait to see the future of Finally Unleashed Creativity and Visionlinkz. It’s awesome to see a power couple working together to build an empire…Love you guys and thanks for this fun interview!

Power Couple Series: Leigh Anne & Jaime Williams

Leigh Anne and Jaime Winter

It’s my pleasure and with great honor that I introduce the second power couple in this fun and interesting series, Mr. & Mrs. Williams. I have known Leigh Anne and Jaime Williams for several years and they have agreed give the readers of Docfreshlove: Let’s Talk a sneak peek into what makes their relationship sustain the test of time. Leigh Anne and I found ourselves working for the same exact company twice in our lives and both agreed that we should remain friends because this was no coincidence. I am honored to sit down with power couple, Jaime and Leigh Anne to bring you this powerful interview. I hope you enjoy learning from this laid back and easy-going couple as much as I did in this interview!

Docfreshlove: How did you first meet?

Leigh Anne: At Jaime’s 30th birthday party. He was having a co-party with a friend of mine’s. It was held at a very packed bar and he needed to use the restroom but the male’s room was occupied. I suggested he use the female’s and offered to watch the door for him. It was love at first sight 😉

Docfreshlove: Wow, great that was a great first meeting, How long have you been together?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: 9yrs

Docfreshlove: Do you have any children or plan to have any?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: We are currently pregnant with our first son

Docfreshlove:  Congratulations to you both on your first child, what do you do for a profession Jaime?

Jaime: I am a Graphic Designer

Docfreshlove: What about you Leigh Anne?

Leigh Anne: I am a Corporate Trainer and Attorney

Docfreshlove: Leigh Anne, what was your first impression of your Jaime?

Leigh Anne: He was very funny and energetic…and very handsome!

Docfreshlove: Jaime, what was your first impression of your wife?

Jaime: I was definitely impressed with her smile and outgoingness. She was interesting and pretty and I wanted to know more about her.

Docfreshlove: Leigh Anne can you describe Jaime in one word? Why this word?

Leigh Anne: Integrity. In everything he does, he puts the comfort of others first and has high moral standards for himself and others. He takes responsibility for the outcomes in his life and expects the same from his friends and family.

Docfreshlove: Jaime, same question and why this word?

Jaime: Tenacious. Once she sets her mind to something she goes after it.

Docfreshlove: I have to ask this questions, do you guys have pet names? If so, what are they?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: Goober and butthead are the go to for both of us. We’re always trying to make each other laugh and have fun.

Docfreshlove: LOL, those are great names, what is the key to happiness in your relationship?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: Humor. To be able to laugh and make light of the dark so we can just shrug it off. We are also a team and we constantly remind each other that “we’ve got this.”

Docfreshlove: Jaime, give an example of one thing that pushes your wife’s buttons?

Jaime: When she’s fed up with something we call it “control, alt, delete” as she tends to get rid of whatever it is and begin again. It can be frustrating. She also eats all of my junk food.

Docfreshlove: I though I was the only one that dealt with the junk food thing…LOL…Leigh Anne, same question.

Leigh Anne: He is so easy-going that he tends to take a while to get to something done like hanging a towel rack in the bathroom.

Docfreshlove: Who is the first person to apologize after you have a disagreement?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: We’re both pretty quick to avoid sustained grudges. We both apologize pretty fast when we realize we’ve upset the other for any reason.

Docfreshlove: Tell me about a funny experience that you both still laugh about?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: The day we met. Nothing like toilets to bring a couple together 🙂

Docfreshlove: That’s great, tell me who does all the cooking in your house?

Leigh Anne: Jaime for sure!

Jaime: She doesn’t have the patience.

Docfreshlove: Who do you think would be your spouse’s celebrity crush?

Jaime: Hers is Ryan Gosling.

Leigh Anne: Kate Upton for him.

Docfreshlove: Where was your last vacation?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: Savannah, GA

Docfreshlove: Describe your idea of a romantic getaway?

Leigh Anne: Savannah for him, he likes staying in an old historical house and hanging around River Street.

Jaime: A beach resort for her because she likes laying by the beach and relaxing to the sound of the ocean.

Docfreshlove: Do you both have any professional goals that you would like to achieve? If so what are they?

Leigh Anne & Jaime: We are both doing exactly what we set out to do.

Docfreshlove: What do you like most about being married?

Jaime: How natural it is. It’s easy.

Leigh Anne: Having my best friend with me in all that I do.

Docfreshlove: What advice would you give a newly married couple?

Jaime: Laugh it off.

Leigh Anne: Let your partner be your partner. Each person in a relationship is his or her own unique person. Marriage does not change that. Have patience in the beginning and take the time to really get to know your partner. Marriage changes your entire relationship dynamic. Even if you were living together before, marriage seems to change our perceptions and tolerance of the other.

Leigh Anne & Jaime: Embrace even the less than appealing qualities of your partner because that’s what makes them, them and that’s included in why you love them. Most importantly, always remember to celebrate each other’s successes and support them through their failures. When one is weaker, the other must be stronger. You’re a team in the game of life!

Docfreshlove: Leigh Anne and Jaime, I really had fun with this interview and I know that the readers of Docfreshlove: Let’s Talk are going to enjoy what you had to share. I want to thank you both for being so open and honest about your relationship because that’s what real love is all about, sharing and honesty. I love the fact that you relate everything back to fun and teamwork in your relationship. I want you both to know that I cherish your friendship and my wife and I are truly happy for the new addition to your family! Thanks for the interview, congratulations, and God Bless!


Power Couple Series: The Tolsons

Tony&Tonya pic

In this new relationship series, Power Couples, you will hear from some of my closest friends as we discuss relationship values, life, and love. Over the past couple years my wife and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Antonio & Tonya Tolson. It’s not that often you cross paths with a couple that matches each other in humility, integrity, intelligence, and kindness. The Tolsons are truly a joy to be around and I’m so grateful for having the pleasure of interviewing this down to earth couple who I’m proud to call my friends!

Docfreshlove: Tonya & Tony, thanks for sitting down with me. Let’s jump right in, how did you first meet?

Tonya & Tony: We met at Applebee’s in Maryland.

Docfreshlove: How long have you been together?

Tonya & Tony: 5 Years

Docfreshlove: Do you have any children or plan to have any?

Tonya: I came into the marriage with a daughter and we don’t plan on having anymore.

Docfreshlove: What do you both do for a profession?

Tony: Field Representative at Piedmont Gas

Tonya: 9th Grade English Teacher

Docfreshlove: Tonya, what was your first impression of Tony?

Tonya: My first impression of Tony was that he was too young for me but he was very handsome. I thought it would just be a casual relationship.

Docfreshlove: Tony, what was your first impression of Tonya?

Tony: Finally an older woman and she had puppy dog eyes.

Docfreshlove: Tonya, describe your husband in one word? Why this word?

Wonderful…He is everything that I prayed for and desired and he keeps proving me right.

Docfreshlove: Tony, describe your wife in one word? Why this word?

Giving…She does for others before she does for herself.

Docfreshlove: Do you guys have any goofy pet names? If so, what are they?

Tonya & Tony: No, not really just terms of endearment such as honey and babe.

Docfreshlove: What is the key to happiness in your relationship?

Tonya & Tony: Communication is the key it may take a minute sometimes for my wife to tell me what’s going on but she does and it helps to strengthen the relationship.

Docfreshlove: Give an example of one thing that pushes each other’s buttons?

Tony: What pushes my buttons is when my wife is making noise when I’m trying to sleep at night. She’s a night owl.

Tonya: What pushes my buttons when Tony tells me to do something after I just asked if he wanted something.

Docfreshlove: Who is the first person to apologize after you have a disagreement?

Tonya: It’s kinda neutral and it depends, most times we both do something silly to make one another laugh and go from there.

Docfreshlove: Tell me about a funny experience that you guys had and still laugh about?

Tonya & Tony: It is so hard because we have several moments when we laugh so hard that we cry it is great the fun we have together.

Docfreshlove: Who does all the cooking in your house?

Tony: My wife does all the cooking, we are very traditional in that sense.

Docfreshlove: Who do you think would be your spouse’s celebrity crush?

Tonya: His would be Sanaa Lathan.

Tony: Hers would be Common.

Docfreshlove: Where was your last vacation?

Tonya & Tony: Puerto Rico

Docfreshlove: Describe your idea of a romantic getaway?

Tonya & Tony: Going to Europe for two weeks and exploring everywhere from Paris to Italy

Docfreshlove: Do you both have any professional goals that you would like to achieve? If so what are they?

Tonya: Eventually become a Vice Principal, Dean of Students and end my career as a Principal. Another goal is to also to become a professional editor for several authors. I recently had the opportunity to edit my first book thanks to Eddie Love

Tony: Launching a women’s empowerment series with Eddie Love that will eventually turn into a lifelong career. I want to obtain a Master’s Degree and grow from there.

Docfreshlove: What do you like most about being married?

Tonya: I enjoy that I have someone that I can share my dreams and goals and wake up to everyday without judgment. I waited and prayed for what I have and the time we share together we actually enjoy each other’s company; there is no obligation genuine love and respect. I love we can laugh together, comfort me when I cry, share disappointments and wins in my life. He is my best friend and confidant who tells me everything straight no chaser!! I enjoy the genuine love we have for one another. He loves me for me and it took me a long time to see that and accept that.

Tony: Also having someone to share my dreams and goals with and bring them to fruition. I enjoy having a friend that is loyal, genuine. This has been one of the most consistent things I have had in my life thus far.

Docfreshlove: This has been a fun interview Mr. & Mrs. Tolson. What advice would you give a newly married couple?

Tonya & Tony: Communication is the key remember none of us have the gift to read minds. If something is bothering you say it! Don’t let each other figure it out. Also continue to date your spouse, don’t let life get in the way of you being there for each other. That would be family members, friends, kids, everyone. The order should always be God, spouse, and then everything else.

Docfreshlove: Antonio & Tonya it’s been real and I know that this interview is going to inspire other couples. I’m so happy that you both agreed to be interviewed and I really enjoyed this conversation. Shapera and I are extremely blessed to have supportive friends like you. I wish you both the best at everything you do and I look forward to working with you both on future projects! Peace and God Bless!

P.S. Stay tuned for the next installment in the Power Couple Series!

Presented by CFADC: A Male Perspective

Ladies you don’t want to miss this focus group…It’s going to be real talk on Life, Relationships, and Intimacy. Presented by: Cut From A Different Cloth


Docfreshlove Marries A Couple

Docfreshlove’s Wedding Highlights

Keep God First


Isn’t it interesting when you hear someone say I’m not religious but I’m spiritual. This has become the popular thing to say these days. Is it really just another way of saying that I’m focused on myself at the moment and I don’t have time for God? Or, are people truly connecting with a higher power through meditation and prayer within themselves?

I can’t blame the spiritual people for feeling this way though. Religion has become a profession these days and it’s being bought and sold to the highest bidder on every street corner. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not attacking anyone that’s religious or spiritual because I am in no position to judge. I am simply saying that we need to remember to put God first no matter what our beliefs are. I do find it interesting that some religious people are so focused on what they are going to wear to church and what songs the choir will sing. All this and once they walk out of church they can’t tell you one verse the pastor used in the sermon, yet they’ll be the first one to great you with a hallelujah the next day.

The spiritual person on the other hand won’t think twice about going to church because they are to busy saying, “my body is the temple…so I’m just going to sit here on the couch and watch ESPN or the lifetime movie channel.” or “All the sinners are in the church, so I’m not going!” It all really boils down to one thing, we as humans want to do what we want to do..and most of us really don’t really care what anyone else thinks about us…including God! Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “I wonder if God is pleased with the way that I have been living my life?” We’ve all heard the saying… “the truth hurts”. You have to be honest with yourself and admit that you have been living for yourself and not for God!

For some, the moment you fall in love and for others the moment you have children, you begin to love another person more than you love God and yourself. I can recall when my daughter was born and I brought her home on my 30th birthday…The first thing I did when we got home was call my mother and apologize for everything. Yes, I apologized for everything because I know there had to be something that I had done in the past that she was not very pleased with. The funny thing is that I had no idea what that thing was… I was just so happy that I was being trusted by God to take care of another human being! It was at this moment that I realized how much my parents loved me and also how much God loved me! It was all a part of God’s plan for me to learn this valuable lesson about loving God. So…I have come to the conclusion that whether you are spiritual or religious, no-one and no-thing should come before God! Not your spouse, not your children, and not even your parents should be placed before God! If you keep God first for all of your days, you are sure to be successful at everything you do in life!


A Letter to my daughter

Happy Father’s Day! #Reblog

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A Letter to my daughterDaddy loves you with all his heart

Everyone in the world is unique

Always carry yourself like a lady

Respect yourself and others at all times

Don’t let anyone disrespect you

All things are possible

Understanding is one of the best things in the world

Go hard at everything you do

Help those in need

Treat others as you want to be treated

Everyone is not your friend

Reminding you that I love you!


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40 Promises For Marriage

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1. Start each day with a kiss.

2. Wear you wedding day at all times.

3. Date once a week.

4. Accept differences.

5. Be polite.

6. Give gifts.

7. Smile often.

8. Touch.

9. Give back rubs.

10. Laugh together.

11. Send a card for no reason.

12. Do what the other person wants before he or she asks.

13. Listen.

14. Encourage.

15. Know his or her needs.

16. Fix the other person’s breakfast.

17. Compliment twice a day.

18. Call during the day.

19. Slow down.

20. Hold hands.

21. Cuddle.

22. Ask for other’s opinion.

23. Show respect.

24. Look your best.

25. Celebrate birthdays in a big way.

26. Apologize.

27. Forgive.

28. Set up a romantic getaway.

29. Be positive.

30. Be kind.

31. be vulnerable.

32. Respond quickly to the other person’s needs.

33. Reminisce about your favorite times together.

34. Treat each…

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The Kiss

The Kiss

One of the most prevalent ways to express affection is the kiss. I’m not talking about a little peck on the cheek, or even the slight tap on the lips. Definitely not the one you would give your grandmother..and certainly not the type of kiss you would give your child as you send them to bed. I’m talking about The 5 second kiss...yep..that’s the one that gets the juices flowing…It’s the kiss that you give your spouse, lover, partner..or whatever pet name you use to address the person you love. Now ask your self this question: When was the last time you gave your mate a five second kiss? Make it a point to engage in a five second kiss with your significant other each day! You will notice the extra pep in your step and the added boost of confidence when you walk out of the house and interact with the world. The five second kiss reminds you of the unique type of love that you and your mate share and it will help strengthen the bond between you. So, the next time you see your partner… plant one smack on the lips, close your eyes, and count to five!



Why Do Men Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat?

“Why do men cheat?” Of course every man is not the same and I can’t speak for all men as I offer this explanation because the answer to this question will vary depending on the man. All of our situations and experiences are unique but this question will continue to be a topic of debate between the sexes and as women continue to ask this question, men will continue to come up with more reasons. I know some of you men out there are saying “Women are cheaters too!” so why not expose them as well? The answer to that question is simple..I’m not a woman, therefore, I can’t give an opinion on their point of view…I only know what I have heard women give as their reasons for cheating. As a man who has both gone through this and supported others through cheating woes, I have a voice and an opinion on the subject. First, let me be clear about one thing which is also being illustrated by my friend Bart..“Cheating is wrong”

I believe that all men have the potential to cheat whether they are happy in a relationship or even married. This does not mean that all men will cheat or have cheated. Again, I feel men have the potential to go there. So, my answer to this age-old question is simple: Men are HUNTERS by nature and there is just too much prey in the world! What I mean by this is: There’s a ton of beautiful and attractive women in the world and most hunters simply love the chase. The chase is the act of capturing prey (conquering a woman’s emotions). Once this task has been completed among other things, a man just wants to be left alone until he is ready to hunt again!



Bob Marley – One Love

Timeless music!

Where there is …

Where there is love there is life.

~Mahatma Gandhi

Love is compo…

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.


Keep love in yo…

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

~Oscar Wilde

You Take The Elevator…I’LL Take The Stairs

You Take The Elevator.. I'LL Take The Stairs

It’s very important for two people to be on the same page when they enter a relationship. It’s also very obvious that once you’re in a relationship it’s not always possible to do! There are going to be times when your mate just doesn’t see your point of view..and that is Okay!  It’s very healthy to agree to disagree as long as there’s common ground. (Example) You may want to dine at the Olive Garden while the other person wants to eat at Outback Steakhouse…the common ground is that we both want to eat! You don’t have to argue about this…if you choose to argue, you are focusing on the problem (where to eat). You both have to focus on the solution (the fact that we need food). I also want to point out that there are some relationships that have adopted arguing and fighting as their communication culture..Meaning.. if they are not entertaining negativity they have nothing to say to each other…and this is unhealthy! The important thing here is that sometimes you and your mate will choose different routes but both should be headed to the same place..Just make sure they are not headed down while you are on your way up!


When You Are Interested..People Will Find You Interesting!

When You Are Interested..People Will Find You Interesting!

Many people try way too hard to be interesting and intriguing. You can tell when some one is really out of their comfort zone because they usually tend to be flamboyantly extra…meaning they are major attention hoarders. Today, I am going to reveal the ultimate secret as to how to make others see you as “Interesting”! The key to doing this is to be interested in other people. Human beings love to talk about themselves. Whether it’s their children, profession, hobby, religion, pets, or just about anything that’s apart of their life. All you have to do is crank them up by asking an open-ended question and the other person will spill the beans. Now that they have aired all the laundry, whether dirty or clean, it’s now time for the person to listen to you talk about yourself. Keep in mind that you have to be careful not to put the other person to sleep…so make sure that you have something interesting to talk about. If you follow this method, you will become the life of the party!


Fatherhood is Sexy

Fatherhood is Sexy

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there that have children or take care of someone else’s children! During my first year of fatherhood I have realized that fatherhood is sexy! Guys if you really want to turn your woman on or attract the right one…take care of your kids or just find some kids to take care of LOL! I promise you it will get’em every time.

On a more serious note, if you are a parent, people pay attention to how you are loving your children and they often times judge you by this. We must make sure that we are not only loving our children properly but also loving ourselves! When you look into the mirror you need to understand that you are not that body that you see..you are the loving spirit within that body! When you understand that you will begin to exude sexiness!


The Right Thing With The Wrong Person

There is a gut feeling inside all of us that lets us know when we are doing something that we shouldn’t be doing. To make this point even clearer, have you ever been in a relationship that you knew was the wrong thing to do but it just felt so damn good!? Sometimes our minds and our hearts are just not in the same place at the same time. To take it even further, there are just some relationships that stain the heart and the mind and letting go can be quite difficult. There are also some people who have stained their own minds with the ole “He’s not my type/She’s not my type attitude.” This is sometimes the reason we continue to do the right thing with the wrong person while Mr or Mrs Right could be staring you smack in the face. At the end of the day you must make the best decisions for yourself and those decisions have to be ones that you will be able to live with the next day. There is nothing worse than living your life with a dirty conscious and filthy regret!! I’m just saying!


The Power of Love

The Power of Love

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A Letter to my daughter

A Letter to my daughter

Daddy loves you with all his heart

Everyone in the world is unique

Always carry yourself like a lady

Respect yourself and others at all times

Don’t let anyone disrespect you

All things are possible

Understanding is one of the best things in the world

Go hard at everything you do

Help those in need

Treat others as you want to be treated

Everyone is not your friend

Reminding you that I love you!


Little Love Notes

Little Love Notes

Make it a point to start each day with a little love note. Whether it is a text message, email, voice mail, or an actual love note….your mate will certainly appreciate it! Everyone wants to know that they are loved and this is just one way to show it on a consistent basis!


Love is Blind

Love is Blind

I get sick and tired of people passing judgement on others because of who they love! The heart does not see race, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else! Everyone should have the opportunity of experiencing the greatest gift of all..LOVE. If it’s not affecting you and yours..why should it matter who the next person loves? It’s a shame that our society is so dependent on the approval and validation of others. If those other people are not witness to every single thing that happens in your relationship, their opinions shouldn’t really matter. Are they around when you are making love? Are they around when you laugh together? Are they around for the early morning or late night conversations? If they are not with you 24/7 or actually a part of the relationship….they really don’t know anything about your relationship because so much goes on when they are not around. They only know what you tell them or what they see! The heart can’t help who it lets in and no one can control it…it has a mind of its own..Love is Blind..Peace!


What do men really want?

Basically, every man will need to answer this question for himself, however I would love to offer my opinion.. if I may? Okay here goes nothing! Most men want a woman who can be his guide in life. What I mean by this is, guys want a woman who will help them uncover their true self. This means unlocking that hidden potential and pushing us to be great at whatever it is we chose to do in life. When a man finds the right woman there is no other friendship that matters to him because she is his best friend, lover, confidant, motivation, and partner in crime (like Bonnie & Clyde). If a woman can be all these things to a man, he will never want her to leave his side. What a woman has to do is find a man’s speed, which I like to compare to the game of poker. You can not be so quick to show your hand. Men want to see your poker face before you reveal what you’re holding. Just like a baby, men like to be spoon fed! If things move to fast, the little things are missed and you can never get those moments back. The little things are those simple conversations about the past, present, and future. It’s also taking the time to observe the other person and formulate ideas on where you want the relationship to go.  For most men, it’s not all about the sex..regardless of what the experts say…the sex is just a bonus! Most men want a woman to complement who they are and where they want to be. Now, don’t get it twisted..there are some of us that don’t want any of this and simply want to play games!Those of us that fit this mold…will never be happy or satisfied…simply because it’s easy to move from woman to woman, by doing this….real feelings are never attached to one woman, which means there is nothing to lose and more to gain!